The WAMP Server in Your Pocket

If you have a web site that is constantly updated – WordPress blog, for example, things you should always have a local server on your web site on your computer before uploading to your site is directly updated. If your business is not always practical, or when you’re on vacation with travel regularly.

To provide a local WAMP server operation are many applications available, but usually in the usual way to install and need to be in a certain place. Is there anyway that does not require the installation of concrete application, and what you can do with, for example, on a USB stick. Given a standard application server, and normally comprising a WAMP server – Apache Web server, database, MySQL, PHP, and you press to access the database. It’s a self-extracting ZIP file as a free download is well.

Once you download. Only one executable file server consolidation tool and can save a folder of your choice. Extraction process and create higher-level folder and all subfolders called UniServer necessary. For ease of use of the device is always the root from which I can use.

Extract once, UniServer folder and double click start.exe file to navigate. UniServer run this application and put your icon in system tray. The number of eggs in a blue box will be excellent. If you walk into a blue box is a list of Apache, MySQL, and PHP and will provide you with quality programs running. Your blue box, click Install and you can run the components and services. In each case the first list containing all elements of Option 2, you and allows you to start.As mentioned, prices are available by clicking the mouse. So if you want to install WordPress on your server, you have all the necessary tools to strengthen. I forgot, there is also a menu option to run the web plate UniServer supervisors, and management server is a piece of cake.

WAMP server is particularly preferred to have more than others. It’s really simple, flexible, and I take with me everywhere. Web server to be brought across in your pocket, consider the benefits!