The Function of Oracle Physical Standby Database

Display and function of the Oracle database physical standby database in Oracle 7.3 to provide redundancy. Latest versions of Oracle, has been extended this concept to include support for database backup logical, called the enhanced features of Oracle Data Guard base.

The concept of the material stands on the site is simple – keep a copy of the data file in the second location, and return to the site to register a vessel, when filled out, and applied to a copy of the database. This process makes the standby base “several steps” behind the primary database. If the site is the primary database fails, you open the database backup, and database production. Limited potential data loss on the transaction in the register of returns that are not sent to the secondary site.

You can open this database, the actual secondary only read-only access. You can use the read-only access for reporting ignored, such as late-day report, from the primary server to a secondary server. The ability to provide the flexibility needed for the preparation of reports demand was ignored, and queries, and can help performance on the primary server, while the benefit of standby site.

While the use of the standby database for reporting, do not apply to return the saved information from the primary site. And can continue to recover the standby database is closed again. These factors have significant implications for the time needed to recover from the interruption to the database backup. If the primary site fails when it is open for reporting secondary sites, and information stored on the database server returns the raw data that have accumulated while the application must query the database by the secondary stand on the site was brought online. Application data, archive it back over a period interruption. You need to consider the benefits of using a secondary site reports in the recovery time and duration of interruptions should occur when the failure does not apply to information returns archived in a stand-alone, on the sites.

After opening the database in standby mode for read / write access, rather than read-only access, no longer can be used as a server and the secondary that can not continue to apply re-archive the information at a later date. Should be based at sites of re-configured from the master database if opened by mistake in read / write mode.

Oracle and guard broker provide data monitoring and control to a secondary server and the physical and logical components. You can use a single command to perform the failover. Oracle Enterprise Manager Data Guard Manager provides a graphical user interface to identify, monitor and manage the task that stands in the server db.