Web Server A Client Server Model

Web Server A Client Server Model

A Web Server is a combination of a software and hardware. In this, Hardware refers to a Computer while Software refers to an Application program.  It helps in delivers web pages when requested. It provides Web pages to the Client with the help of HTTP Protocol and web browsers.

It works on Client/Server Model. It receives request for data by client through web browsers and responds accordingly. It commonly used for hosting a web site. These have a unique IP Address. It needs fast speed, permanent IP address and large storage space.

It is a collection of number of server like FTP server for File Transfer, SMTP server for Mail Services, NNTP server for News Services and HTTP server for storing and accessing HTML pages. It comprises of all these services.

Basically it can be classified into two groups: Windows Server and Linux Server.

Linux Server use open source software that are easily and available at free of cost. On the other hand Windows Server uses license software.

Main Function:

The main function of Web Server is to deliver the web pages across Internet. This includes html forms, images, scripts and style sheets. It also keeps records for Error, provide security and save site hits.

The client browser is divided the URL. These divided parts include path name, address, and protocol.

The browser now selects which protocol to make use of. A protocol in the common language is a language the client to communicate with the server. FTP, HTTP is a number of those protocols.

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