Web Server in OS Snow Leopard

Today I will give a brief overview of how to set up a web server in OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard. All operating systems come pre-installed with the Apache Web server. There are many options that you can configure all the way. This document, which carry at least have a basic understanding of the operating system.

Step 1: Create a new directory in the web server which we will read from the file.

Researcher in open X OS and go to your user guide. Will be labeled the same username that you use to log on to your computer. Once you are in the directory users find the location of a folder named. Right-click (click option) on the folder and select Copy. Next, go to the root directory of your hard drive. Search your hard drive within organs and paste in the Finder folder locations here. Now you should be the path of the folder locations “/ place” without the quotation marks.

I can recommend using ** TextWrangler to the next step ** This will make your life easier can be found using Google and free **

Step 2: Now we need to refer to the new Apache directory path.

Researcher from above on the “Go” in the menu bar and select “Go to Folder” type in this path: / private/etc/Apache2 /

Here you will find the title “httpd.conf” file this is the main Apache configuration file, and here we will change the path to the new folder. Copy this file and store the backup in another folder. Open the document and search for the lines labeled “document root”

Change the path to the document root “/” multiple lines under the document root will find another line “Guide” change the path to the directory “/” too. Save the file, you will be asked to TextWrangler type in the password.

Step 3: Now Apache is configured correctly and all you have to do is shoot him!

Go to Preferences> post system, and click on the check box next to “Web Sharing”

You will see that the Internet has enabled post. You will also see the IP address of your device in this box.
Open the web browser of your favorite, type in the IP address, which gives or type http://localhost

The web page will appear titled A “your website” If this is what you see congratulations! You have successfully setup your own personal web server. If you did not read again through trends and see what you’ve missed.

You are now ready to edit / place / index.html and liking or copy was created your web site to a folder / location.

Is configurable built-in web server in X OS can be used to host almost any type of website. Look for the next article in detail how to set up multiple web servers or using Snow Leopard or Leopard.