The Dedicated Server you can Count on

A VPS is not the easiest thing to find these days as many options compete before you each day. But, if you are looking for the full package offer this VPS Hosting is what you need. The advantages offered will make you recount how much time you have been wasting elsewhere. Starting with the most intriguing question of rate, they sell provide the best rates from all around. Imagine how much you can save starting from today with only 8 USD per month! If this is not great, nothing else is. Hosting off shore may not be usual as it is easier to contact local providers. But here are reasons why you should opt for.

These Virtual Private Servers are free of charge for the first two month and not to forget the setup too. The team offers you a chance to adjust your specific needs with package selections therefore it serves fullest expectations. The storage space of the smallest package is already 40GB allowing you all the space you need to store. The guaranteed and burstable RAM space is of at least 256 and 384 MB and a RAID 1 to support mirroring without striping. The bandwidths are all unmetered and of Costa Rican address.

Being in touch with the world is important if you run a worldwide online business or if you are an active blogger. This feature can easily be supported by equipping yourself with a VPS. As a Dedicated Server in the field of off shore hosting your satisfaction is the utmost important. How is that applied? The Intel Atom only costs 80 USD per month whereas the Intel Core Quad is 150 USD whereas the offer in the middle for Intel Core Duo is 110 USD. Now that you know more, register for your offshore VPS today!