Free Up Time With Web Server Monitoring

Free Up Time With Web Server Monitoring

Depending on the online business you run, you probably need a little help to keep it going. It is difficult to make sure that everything is done and keep in touch with suppliers and other contacts while trying to constantly watch and monitor your website. There is not enough time in the day to get it all done. And then if you do, the next problem is that you end your day without getting a bit of free time you so desired. Starting your own online business or company may have sounded like a good idea to when you started, but as it stands now, you can even spend the money you are bringing is as your plate is overwhelming full. So how do you unload it? The best way to give you more time is to have a web server monitoring watching out for your business.

Web server monitoring also referred to sometimes as website monitoring, is a great place to start out that will grant you more time in your day.

Instead of being stuck watching the progress or problems that might happen to your webpage or server, you can call your contacts, keep in touch with your suppliers, and still have a bit of extra time to land some new large customers. How this works is that you pass the worry, fear, and constant concern of the website or web server status to a company that will watch over and check them constantly for you. Sounds great right? Plus this helps your online business boom. You will find that with someone else watching over your company that there will be less down time in your web server and more customers that will be able to access your online business.

The best part about web server monitoring is that you are able to receive instant alerts about the status of your web server or webpage. After monitoring or checking your webpage as you request, and if the system finds a problem then they will send you an instant alert to let you know exactly the problem with your server. This can come in the form of a phone alert, email, text message, page, or phone call. You can specify how you want the alert to come to you, or if you want someone else to receive the message, you can arrange for the instant alert to be sent to who ever you request. Advantages to this are quite obvious. Your webpage will down less, problems will be fixed immediately instead of when you notice them or customers report computer problems. In return your business will bring you more revenue as there are more people who can access your website. Web server monitoring can really enhance your online business.

Web server monitoring works in three different ways. Depending on the needs of your online business, you can pick which system will work best for you. There is uptime monitoring. This is the most basic of the web server monitoring. It checks your key objects, redirects, downtime and any potential problems. The next step up is called transactional monitoring. This is great for business dealing with buying or selling products. All of the monitoring done for uptime monitoring is included in transactional monitoring, but it includes monitoring shopping carts, lead generations and unsubscribes. The last is called site audit. When webpages are updated or moved, it is hard to know if the analytical code is correct. With site audit they check the code and alert you if or when the pages have gone down.

Earn money and time by getting web server monitoring for your company needs!